Cardamine aquarium plant care

Cardamine aquarium plant care

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I was amazed to see that this plant has grown quite fast!! And thriving!! It almost grew inches in a week! Do you use c02? I may have to think of this for my planted tank. Thanks for sharing. I love this plant. It grew like crazy. It even grew in my brackish tank. I eventually pulled it all and put it in my little pond outside and it all melted away.

They are going to get more water plants and I hope they get some more. It sure looks like Cardamine lyrata to me! I have some in my sorority tank. I dont use any co2! I saw this plant when kirrie posted some of her pennywort's pic Mine has to grow some leaves though They told me it a pennywort I maybe wrong But its leaves little bit looks like pennywort Pennywort has much smoother, bigger, and darker leaves than the cardamine lyrata.

It also has thicker stems. I have both, and this definitely looks like lyrata. Maybe i will rename this thread as cardmine lyrata The bottom plant is defiantly water wisteria, but I can't tell the top one from that picture. Are you able to get a better pic? But if I had to guess, I'd say ludwigia repens?

Kk heres another pic When i bought the plant its leaves have turned yellow and fell off.. But now its growing new fresh leaves It's hard to tell since there aren't many leaves, but I'll guess ludwigia repens. We'll see what others have to say. Oh i see then Its lyrata Yes there is big difference between them They sold me this lyrata as pennywort I will post a pic when its full of leaves to confirm ok?

Lyrata is still an awesome plant, and you must be doing something right to have gotten it to grow so great! Usually it spreads out, rather than up, but any growth is still awesome. Pennywort and lyrata are so similar that they often are sold as the same thing. They also require similar care, except the lyrata is just a little more delicate.

But in the right conditions, both are extremely fast growers. Personally, I like lyrata rooted and pennywort floating. The lyrata is often called creeping ivy, as it has the tendency to wind it's way in between other plants, or around decorations.

It can form dense bushes, carpet the substrate, or cover driftwood. It's a versatile plant, and allows an endless possibility to aquascaping. Play around with it, and see what you like. For some reason, I noticed that ludwigia just does NOT like sand! Mine started rotting away from the stem up.

Even with dirt, it never survived long in sand. Hopefully you'll have a better experience. Kk how do i make it spread? Rather than growing up? Should i lean it sideways? It looks beautiful though And one thing How do you get that bushy look? You remember the ludwigia i bought a month ago?? You told me it was ludwigia remember? Last week its stems turned into brown My lyrata started by first growing upwards, but where the roots start to come out of the side of the plant about halfway up , take some tweezers and gently push that part into the sand.

Be careful not to snap the stem, as you'll have to bend it somewhat. The arch that you make will cause new leaves to sprout from the side, rather than straight up. Eventually, it will start to fill itself in and look bushy. EDIT: I realized that may have not been the best explanation If the stem is long enough, you can do this multiple times.

But be careful, because they can easily break! Bummer about the ludwigia. I hope it comes back for you! They are now growing roots Only the the part of roots right? I will be careful. Just a doubt If i bend them slightly and part them in the sand.. Mine was cooperative, and stayed just where it was after planting. I would think yours would do the same, but using a stone may help as well. Hey kk, Cardamine lyrata remember?

It has grown outside the water I bended it like a "rainbow" With the help of stones And i think its ludwigia repens.. And green on top..

And its stem became black from bottom M y A quarium C lub. By blackmoor , 6 years ago on Fish And Plants Profiles. Now that I look at the picture, I doesn't look like penny wort that much. I'll see if I can post a comparison picture in a minute Meanwhile if you can identify these plants too He is 3 and a half inches across. Plant fertilizer killing my fish? I used a plant fertilizer called Flourish How can I put sand into a tank that already has water and fish in it?

How big would a bala shark be if it grew to match a 5, gallon tank. First, pennywort. See how thick and robust the stems are? And the lyrata It's best to do it where the roots are, yes. Those may interest you: Angel fish Grew up with 10 neon tetras since he was a baby and 6 months lat Guppy fry bent spine I need help!!

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This group of multi-purpose plants will suit both the outdoor garden ponds and the indoor aquarium. Dispatch anytime of the year unless specified. Note : Some plants are only available in emmersed form in which they will require acclimatising in order for them to produce submerse leaves. We also grow all these plants in outdoor ponds so all the plants will go through full growing cycle throughout the seasons. Bacopa amplexicaulis Water Hyssop Bright green ovate leaves that clasps the stiff trailing stems.

Above 80°F (27°C), this plant grows increasingly smaller leaves. High light and CO2 can keep this plant low growing to create a dense bush of foliage.

Cardamine lyrata

Cardamine Lyrata is a marsh plant that originates from Asia. It grows in a clover-like pattern similar to Hydrocotyle. High light and CO2 can keep this plant low growing to create a dense bush of foliage which can have a dramatic appearance in an aquascape. This plant looks best when planted in groups or clumps instead of individual pieces here and there. It can also be grown floating and acts as excellent coverage for fry, shrimp or skittish fish. Propagate by trimming stems and replanting on pulling apart dense clumps and splitting the roots. Notice: Please expect 2 day shipping delay due to holiday. Cardamine Lyrata. Original price.


In deinem Web-Browser scheint Javascript deaktiviert zu sein, weshalb du Flowgrow ggf. Klicke hier, um zu erfahren, wie du Javascript aktivieren kannst. Cardamine lyrata is a bog plant originally distributed in East Asia China, Japan, Korea, Far Eastern Russia where it lives in moist places and on rivulets. It is a great plant for coldwater tanks as well as tropical tanks that are not kept too warm, which makes it a very popular, easy-to-obtain aquarium plant. Japanese cress is a fast-growing creeping stem plant easy in cultivation.

Aquarium root mat This second video shows our team in action at our plant facility.

Ecoscape Large Cardamine Green Aquarium Plant Fish Tank Décor Aqua One

You must be logged in to post a review. Native to Japan, the Cardamine Bunched Aquarium Plant is the perfect plant for beginning aquarists or those that do not have the time for constant care and maintenance. A fast-growing plant, the Cardamine Bunched Aquarium Plant will quickly assimilate into any aquarium tank or pond application. Available in a bunch, requirements for this plant include medium lighting and a pH level atDiscus are found in floodplain lakes and flooded forests of the lowland Amazon River basin and some of its tributaries, including the Rio Negro.

Mainam Cardamine Lyrata Potted Freshwater Beginner Live Aquarium

Freshwater Plants. Alternative species click on the thumbnail to see the card. Scientific name Cardamine lyrata Nastourtium japonicum. In its natural environment, this plant is found rather in marshes. In fact, it is an amphibious plant that can live both underwater and out of water in wetlands. For a nice rendering, plant a group with a density of about 3 feet for a 20 cm 8" square. The ideal location is in the middle and on the sides of the planter. It is quite demanding and its good maintenance in an aquarium requires conditions that are not always compatible with other species used in aquarium keeping.

A fast-growing plant, the Cardamine Bunched Aquarium Plant will quickly assimilate into any aquarium tank or pond application. Available in a bunch.

Cardamine Lyrata - Set of 2 Bunches

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Cardamine Lyrata sp Vitnem, Japanese Cress, Chinese Ivy, Aquatic Plants, Terrarium Plants

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Caring for aquarium plants is easy, and your fish will enjoy them too.

Brazilian Pennywort for Aquariums

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Plant of the Month: Brazilian Pennywort, Hydrocotyle leucocephala

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