Landscape lesson plans high school

Landscape lesson plans high school

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Landscape lesson plans high school

I know it seems crazy, but having our landscape ready to go on April 1st was like this big stress release. I had our grass turned over about 2 weeks ago, and now it’s time to plant.

We haven’t done a project like this in so long it feels surreal. The previous owners did a lot of improvements on the property, which is why we’re doing the work. We’ve also got a lot of new plants in the ground, like the Echinacea, Lupines, Blue Sage, and a few peonies. The plan is to create a garden with lots of flowers, because I think it looks so much prettier when it’s filled with color.

I chose an April 1st date because I knew we would be getting our rain in March. We’ll be planting by the end of March, so we’re pretty much ready.

Part of the design of the garden includes a gazebo, so that’s the next step. I’ll post about that once we finish.

Have you ever done a landscaping project? How did it go? Did you have any issues, any work left to do, etc?

This past weekend we ventured out to Cedar Creek in De Soto for a camping trip. We’ve been to Cedar Creek multiple times but never in the winter. To be honest, the novelty wore off long ago. We started out at the campground, and then the plan was to find a nice spot on a hill to sit and watch the scenery go by. But after a while we decided to head off on our own and see what we found.

We had lots of time because the forecast called for light snow until the last minute. We even spent some time at the County park near the trails, which was more of a short hike than a serious adventure, but it was nice to get out of the woods and stretch our legs a bit.

Once we got into the woods we found a nice little piece of land to chill out on.

It’s strange because the area we picked was open, so we could see the trees, but not much else. In the spring and fall we can see a pretty good amount of scenery, but in the winter there’s not much to see but evergreens and thick trees. I’ve got to say I’m a sucker for an open, pretty place to chill out and sit.

The first tree we stopped at was this one.

Some of the trees were so small that we couldn’t even see the tops. Even the branches were pretty small.

I would say the majority of the trees were in the three to five foot range, with the exception of one that was nearly 25 feet tall. The whole forest was pretty densely packed, so it felt like we were in the middle of a maze.

We sat for a while on a stump in one of the pine trees, and then started hiking. We found some lovely boulders and enjoyed the silence. The trails were pretty easy and easy to follow, so we had no problem with navigation.

I’ve never been to Cedar Creek in the winter, but I bet it’s beautiful!

We hiked a trail that’s labeled as the “John Muir Trail” (see the one at the top of the post for a better look). The last time we were there I thought it would be interesting to hike to Halfway Lake, but this time around we had no desire to do that. However, if you’re into exploring a little more, you can certainly do that.

After the hike we put up our camp chairs and blanket and laid out for the night. We didn’t really do much other than eat some dinner and share a bottle of red wine. Even though it was snowy, we didn’t have to worry about ice or anything like that. There was just a lot of snow.

The snow got pretty deep on the hill we were on. We could barely see the trees, but the little bit we could see were covered in snow.

The winds were pretty mild, but a bit of a breeze blew through the area. We sat there for a while, sipping our wine and watching the scenery. This is probably our favorite part of winter camping.

Sitting there after the hike made me remember what a pain it is when you get back to your car after a long day in the woods. We had the car parked off to the side of the road with the lights and mirrors covered to keep thieves out. You see those tall, pointy white trees in the background? That’s how we kept the temperature down in the car. We even ran the heater on for a bit.

That was the last we saw of the cars, because we got back to the campground around 7:00pm. It was a quick, easy hike to the campground, and then we were in bed, reading.

What do you think of camping in the winter? Have you ever done it?

I’ve been using up my bear canisters in the last few days. Two more should be used up tomorrow, and then there are three more I have to refill. If you’re wondering, it’s hard to find them in Iowa because people here have never really used them. For a while I didn’

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