How to care for a hanging planter

How to care for a hanging planter

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Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! Geraniums are popular flowering plants specially suited for container gardening such as hanging baskets. With long leaves trailing to the sides of the basket for several feet, the flower heads' natural shades of lavender, white, salmon, pink and red dress up a particular spot at varying eye levels and add a burst of color. With a little effort, care for your geraniums so they thrive not just this season, but past the dormancy phase into the next season as well.

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Prairie Gardens & Jeffrey Alans

Looking for some fun and creative ways to display a lot of color in a little space? Hanging gardens give you the chance to put color right where you want it, plus spotlight certain plants.

Hanging basket expert Erick Lux shares ideas with master gardener Paul James:. With the wide variety of baskets available, including wire, woven and wood, the possibilities are endless. The most important consideration in choosing a basket is the expanding root systems of the plants you've selected.

For larger plants with deeper roots, a bigger basket with more depth would be more suitable. The more surface area for soil you have, the less frequently you will have to water and the more moisture the soil will hold. If you're wondering how a wire basket can hold soil and plants, you'll want to know about liners; there are many types of liners that you can buy that enclose the contents nicely.

Erick prefers moss because it looks great and offers the best drainage no matter how finicky the plant. A moss basket provides the perfect conditions for plants like the tropical vireya rhododendron, which is native to Australia. Orchids also make great moss basket subjects. Other plants like the staghorn fern and even anthuriums also work well in moss-lined baskets. Once you've chosen a basket, lining material, location and plants that thrive in the chosen location, you're ready for the fun part - planting your dandy dangler.

Among the latest trends isn't so much bloom color but colorful foliage. Although you buy moss dry, it needs to be thoroughly soaked in water to create a basket liner. Tightly pack small sections of moss between the top two wires along the top of the basket. Lay larger sheets of moss along the sides of the basket and pack them into the wire. The moss sheeting doesn't have to be too thick, just thick enough to provide a solid netting to hold in the soil and plants.

Before planting the basket, fill the container halfway with any premium potting soil. Erick says to use a mixture of fir bark, peat, vermiculite and perlite. Each time you water, nutrients leach out, but a time-release formula makes food available to the plants over a longer period of time. Once the fertilizer is mixed in, it's planting time. Erick likes to create three layers: low, medium and high. For the low layer, he suggests using Lysimachia foliage to cascade over the basket edge.

To conserve space, he says to carefully pack the plants into the outer rim. Next, he suggests adding lobelia, an annual with vivid purple blooms. The next layer adds height, so Erick suggests using Barleria for the center. He says to leave just enough space around it for the medium layer, which features plants that grow taller than the low-growing plants, but lower than the tallest plants.

Add coleus and Heuchera on either side of the Barleria , and sprinkle soil into any empty areas left in the basket. Finally, give the basket a comprehensive watering. Erick suggests watering thoroughly, while still allowing the basket to dry out a little between watering.

Before hanging, make sure the basket chain is hanging from a sturdy hook that's rated for the weight of the pot and is anchored in solid wood. Erick warns that a wet basket weighs a lot more than a dry basket, so make sure the structure the basket hangs from is strong enough to support a full, wet basket.

To help keep the basket nutrient-rich, add an organic fertilizer every four months or so. If you want to know when to water your moss-lined basket, give it a gentle tap on the bottom. If the moss feels moist, it doesn't require additional watering, but if it's dry and crispy, it needs a good soaking. Get our best gardening advice and outdoor ideas delivered straight to your inbox. Privacy Policy. Home Outdoors Landscaping and Hardscaping.

How to Plant Hanging Baskets. Use baskets to display spots of color around your home and garden. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. Hanging Flower Basket. Choosing Your Materials. Planting Your Basket. Hanging Your Basket. How to Support and Water Hanging Baskets If you've been shying away from hanging baskets, take a look at how to address some of the challenges.

Hanging Baskets How-To Steps for creating this dramatic arrangement. How to Grow an Organic Container Garden Tips for nurturing healthy plants and flowers the organic way. How to Water Container Gardens Learn the basics of watering container gardens—including simple tips for making it less of a chore.

Choose the Best Containers for Your Plants How to choose the best container for the job, whether it's terra-cotta or glazed. Should you put gravel or other coarse materials in the bottom of pots? It depends. Making A Pond in a Pot Aquatic plants and water: that's all it takes to create a successful water garden in a container. How to Make an Air Plant Container Display air plants on the wall or a shelf with this easy-to-make container.

You can make a cactus container garden in about an hour. How to Design a Container Garden Follow this simple design concept and boost the impact of your container gardens with plants of various sizes, textures and color combinations. Load More. Home Town 6am 5c. Home Town 7am 6c. Home Town 8am 7c. Home Town 9am 8c. Home Town 10am 9c. Home Town 11am 10c. Home Town 12pm 11c. My Lottery Dream Home 1pm 12c. My Lottery Dream Home pm c.

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How to Care for your Boston Fern Hanging Basket

Blooming hanging baskets are a staple for adding color to decks, patios, porches, and balconies. Although they are an instant way to add color to our outdoor space, they do require a bit of care to stay looking good all season long. There are many types of hanging baskets and some require full sun and others may require partial shade. Here are some key care tips to keep these baskets performing up to your expectations.

Plastic baskets have the advantage of reducing water loss and some even come with self-watering saucers which help to ensure that the potting mix remains.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a fun and fast way to add some brilliant color and visual interest to your yard. The best part is that you get to change them up every year to suit your garden themes or color palettes! Designing your own hanging baskets is fun and easy if you follow the thriller, filler, and spiller recipe. Thrillers are taller plants, generally placed in the middle of a hanging basket, fillers are mounding, or low bushy plants that go around the thriller, and spillers are the cascading plants that hang down over the sides of a hanging planter. Begonias are shade and moisture-loving plants. They do like consistently moist soil, so check if they need water regularly. Angelonia are an elegant flower that comes in beautiful shades of pink, purple and white and will add some height to the center of your container. They love warmth and heat and will thrive during the summer months. Geraniums feature vibrant, upright flowerheads in a wide variety of electric colors.

Growing strawberries in pots and hanging baskets

Spring is here and a variety of hanging baskets are now available at our markets. Caring for hanging baskets is relatively simple, but there are some basic things you should consider. Follow these tips to keep your baskets looking great all summer long. The most important tip is water. Since they have a limited amount of soil, hanging baskets lack the reservoir of water available to plants growing in the ground.

Hanging baskets are a simple, yet effective way to add vibrant colors and fragrance to your front porch or outdoor patio area. If we had to sum up one of the most important lessons about caring for hanging baskets, it's that good drainage is essential.

Try These Cool Plants in Your Spring Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets come in a variety sizes and materials, including traditional wire designs and easy fill baskets. Buy your hanging baskets online today. Hanging baskets full of beautiful blooms make an impact when hung around your house and garden. The perfect solution if you are short on space — or have run out of space — for plants. Need help choosing hanging baskets? See our choosing hanging baskets guide.

Caring for Hanging Baskets

So is it really possible to save struggling hanging baskets and bring them back to life? You bet it is! The secret to success all lies in recognizing the specific cause, and taking swift corrective action to remedy it. And when it comes to hanging baskets, those issues can usually be traced to an overgrown and stressed out root structure. Even for novice growers.

Watering is the most important part of caring for your hanging baskets, and also the most challenging. The showy plants best-suited for hanging containers.

Growing Hanging Baskets and Containers

Wave petunias are beautiful, showy plants. These annuals are becoming especially popular in hanging baskets. Growing Wave petunias in hanging baskets can make for a beautiful display of cascading flowers that will brighten up your home.

A local version of The Love The Garden website exists

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Oh what sorrow at forgetting to water that formerly perky petunia or gee-whiz geranium just one day! Well, not all plants are forgiving. A reminder that plants do need plenty of water during these hot spells, sometimes twice per day. Here are a few tips for mid-summer care of container gardens and hanging baskets:.

Most of us love hanging flower baskets, but most of us do not love caring for them. Caring for hanging baskets of flowers is not difficult, but it is not particularly convenient.

How to pot up a Hanging Planter

Growing strawberries in pots and hanging baskets is an easy way to enjoy super-sweet fruits all summer long. I keep a pot of strawberries on my sunny back deck as well as a few baskets in my polytunnel so I can graze as I putter in the garden. But why grow in containers? Why not plant them right in the garden? Strawberry plants are compact and perfect for tucking in small spaces like pots, planters, and baskets. Growing in pots is also a good way to foil pests like slugs that seem to know just when a strawberry is most sweet.

How To Care For Ferns In Hanging Baskets

Today, indoor hanging plants are often used to bring a touch of greenery to boho and eclectic interiors. Air plants are the perfect low-maintenance plant because they thrive without soil. Choose a hanging planter with a wide opening, so the plant receives plenty of air circulation.


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